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Alternative methods of treatment have emerged when a need to push forward scientific boundaries and recognized by the World Health Organization's 1976th year.

The goal of therapy by Zdenko Domančić ( reduces to the reduction and removal of health problems and the enrichment of human personality.

Biotherapy treatment is based on the knowledge of nature, and within thirty years helped millions of patients. Today's orthodox medicine are also interested in this method of treatment because it is a proven method of success healings and those worst affected.

Powerful magnetic field within the oxygen gets its true meaning. Oxygen within the cell is active in energy transformation and as a transmitter of a higher level of energy within the parameters of the earth's magnetic field.

In fact, the man is made of energy and dreams, between which the blood circulates. It is the blood at the same time sleep and energy, and the paramagnetic properties of oxygen in the blood, the body acts as a converter of the earth and cosmic energy. All the forces of the universe, including the power of the human mind are the transformation of cosmic energy.

Our complete physical and mental body constantly supplied with life force without which life would not be possible. This energy feels the earth, and the height and it makes life possible on our planet.

Because whole life, universal energy changes as meridians that are present in humans, plants and animals. Energy flows are near nerves, and the information and the energy transmitted outside the nerve and produce the appearance of skin effect.

The body's energy system, which is in constant interaction with its surrounding environment and changing. Because of these facts are understood processes of reviving ailing informational flow, relative to the treatment of Zdenko Domančić.

Bioenergy therapy approach is possible only after he had performed the examination and diagnosis by your doctor.

Specifically, biotherapy in conjunction with conventional medicine makes the prevention and treatment of physical and mental illness.

Therapy is performed (duration) of the four days, depending on the need to be repeated. Therapy is conducted in a group and for each patient individually examines the state of his health due to the pre-set medical diagnosis.